“Meet the Makers” of 2016

The Dover Mini Maker Faire is only 2 weeks away! We often get asked “What is a Maker Faire,” and we’re not going to lie, it’s a tough question to answer. How exactly can you sum up a Fair that doesn’t have a ferris wheel, but does have science demonstrations, robots, 3D printers and the like? Regardless of how we talk about it, one word we always use is “FUN!” We promise you’ll learn something new, try something awesome, and go home inspired. So buy your tickets today!

Let’s meet more of this year’s Makers!

Delicious Science with Sub Zero Ice Cream


Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt from Nashua, NH will show you how “cool” science can be! We provide a look at the states of matter, the relationship between volume, pressure and temperature and even the Leidenfrost effect. With visual experiments performed before your eyes YOU get to interactively participate by providing your hypotheses as to what the outcome of the experiments will be! Science is delicious! Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt will also have their food truck at this year’s Faire.

Google Cardboard Virtual Tour Demonstration


Have you always wanted to see a tour of the statue of Liberty, but never had the chance? Want to visit the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire when it’s closed, in the comfort of your own home? Now is your chance! Make it Active, LLC, a Google Trusted Photography Street View Partner, will be at this year’s Faire with a Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Demonstration, along with simple instructions on how to build your own Google Cardboard at home!

The Science and History of Brewing with 7th Settlement


The Brewery team at 7th Settlement will lead groups of 10-15 people (any age) across the street from the Children’s Museum of NH to and through their 7 barrel brewery. They’ll talk about the ingredients, history and science it takes to brew beer from the malting process, hop and yeast cultivation to the full brewing methods. We will also talk about NH and Dover’s brewing history. The tours do not include tastes, but the restaurant is open during the Faire! 7th Settlement is also providing their popular “Juice Burger” food truck at the Faire if you prefer!

UNH Lunacats

UNH Luna Cats-web

UNH Lunacats is a UNH student organization comprised of Engineering and Computer Science students who gather to design, build, and compete their robots. They’ll be bringing their miner robot, which they designed and built for last year’s NASA Robotics Mining Competition at Kennedy Space Station. They’ll share ideas of the improvements they are going to implement based on the competition results.

N.E.G.A.T.E (North East Ghostbusters Alliance Taskforce Ecto)


They’re baaaaack! Our local Ghostbusters will be roaming around Dover, looking for spooks, goblins, ghosts and ghouls. They’ll test your psychic powers and may even have a treat for you. Be sure to ask about and collect their personalized trading cards too! The Ghostbusters love to chat about their gear and give lessons on how to fight ghosts. Who knows, Stay Puft and Slimer may even make an appearance at this year’s Faire!

The Northeast Buccaneers


The Dover Mini Maker Faire will be taken over by these pirates, entertainers and merri-makers this year! Don’t be surprised if they challenge you to a sword fight, try to educate you on proper pirate etiquette or demand to take a selfie with you! Don’t worry, they’re friendlier than they look.

Makers of Manchester


Makers of Manchester” is a community meet-up group of innovators and inventors that love tinkering with everything from robotics to household items. This year they will have a variety of show-and-tell projects from their meetings. They’ll show things such as how to make useful plastic ribbon from a bottle that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill.

Usbourne Books & More


Usborne Books & More is on a mission! They want to put an end to the illiteracy crisis in America. Educational Consultant Gina Teolis will be on hand selling educational, high quality, affordable and uniquely interactive books for all ages. These books are for every stage of life, from birth to adulthood!

Balloon Art


Terri Marsh is back with her amazing balloon creations! This year she’ll be creating a tropical balloon sculpture with two 5-foot palm trees and balloon animals! She’ll have three workshops throughout the day during which Faire-goers will be invited to create their own balloon animals.

Clay, Awakening an Earth Resource


Do you ever wonder about what is under our feet as we walk a country field or even a backyard? Learn to recognize, simple-test and awaken natural clay with Vicky Anderson. Using Native American techniques, bring your clay into a workable state, and then create a small item such as a totem or container.

Maine State Library

MaineLibrary 3dprinter-web

The Maine State Library will be joining us at this year’s Faire and will be bringing some fun equipment! The Kudo 3D is an SLA (stereolithographic) 3D printer. It essentially works by projecting UV light to harden a special resin, layer by layer, to create a 3D object. It’s just one of the awesome tech devices available in their Makerspace.

NEMO Equipment

nemo tents-web

Dover based company NEMO Equipment returns to exhibit some of its cutting edge outdoor industry designs. Stop by and learn about the creative process, how the gear is made, the technologies used, and how NEMO equipment can help fuel your next adventure!

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