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Week 8: Fabulous Makers of 2015!

Paddlecraft – Come check out these awesome hand crafted paddles and kayaks made right down the road in Rochester, NH.

Seacoast Men of Harmony – The Seacoast Men of Harmony is a Dover-based men’s a cappella chorus. They sing in the barbershop style which is characterized as a four part close harmony. They are affiliated with the Barbershop Harmony Society‘s Northeastern District. Come see them perform on the Rotary Pavilion stage in Upper Henry Law Park.

InMoov Humanoid Robot – Maker Roe Cole shares his latest project, building a life-sized humanoid robot called InMoov. InMoov was designed and powered using open source software available to anyone who would like to 3-D print and animate their own robot. Featured in a recent issue of MAKE magazine, InMoov is inspiring makers worldwide to adapt and advance this project in true maker spirit.

Paper Airplane Launcher – Sean is back for a third year at Dover Mini Maker Faire showing off his invention: a Paper Airplane Launcher that was featured on the “Fallonventions” segment of “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” on April 24th. You can fold your best paper airplane and see if it will survive a 60 MPH launch and find out how far it will fly.

CrabNewScarfPublic Art Sculptures – CMNH artist-in-resident and official ‘basement sculptor,’ Nathan Walker will open up his shop to let visitors in to explore the process of turning found objects into giant metal works of art. Finished sculptures as well as works in progress will be available to see.

Assistive Technology in New Hampshire – Assistive Technology in New Hampshire will be showcasing assistive technology and doing device demonstrations, as well as providing information on reuse and loans for individuals with disabilities to maximize independence at home, school, work and play.

Your First Video Game – Learn how to program a video game on the popular Raspberry Pi computer that sells for only $25.  They will teach makers during this workshop how to create their very own video game using Python on a Raspberry Pi computer. A limited number of Raspberry Pi kits will be available for makers to take home with their video game on it, ready to hook up to a TV and play! No experience necessary!

Fun with LEDs – A new collection of projects using LEDs and micro controllers from Corky, have a booth for the third year in a row at Dover Mini Maker Faire.

  • TwirLight: A POV (persistence of vision) toy that creates patterns when manually spun, optionally with music.
  • Addressable LED light strings driven with an Arduino
  • ChromaCane: a walking stick shows colorful patterns with a strip of addressable RGB LEDs. Arduinio controlled.
  • Renard Christmas light controller for a light display synchronized to music

Hexa-Flexa-Fun – Lauren is back for a third year at Dover Mini Maker Faire showing you how to make a cool “Hexaflexagon!” A hexaflexagon is a folded strip of paper transformed into a cool piece of color changing origami. Come fold and color your own!

UNH Tech Camp – UNH Tech Camp is offered by the College of Engineering and Physical Science at the University of New Hampshire and makes available the benefits of the UNH research campus to the community-at-large. Come make bouncy balls using borax and elmer’s glue. The programs engage young people in interactive hands-on and problem solving activities in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Fluidity of NH LLC – Fluidity of NH is promoting their service, which is a business that caters to 16-22 year olds looking for local employment. They will have the capability for employers to post jobs and job seekers to create online profiles.

Learning LEGO Robotics – Join the NH LEGO LEAGUE Kings of Konstruction for a hands on “Intro to Programming” lesson. Kids ages 4-104 can learn the basics of programming a LEGO robot from this years NH FLL programing champions. If you have never programmed a robot before, our kids will teach you everything you need to know to get that mechanical LEGO-bot moving. Sign up early for your 20 minute spot as spaces sold out quickly last year.

Week 5: Fabulous Makers of 2015!

seaperchSeaPerch and Flinking Demo– Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and UNH will be back at Maker Faire, demonstrating Remotely Operated Vehicles as part of the Office of Naval Researched STEM Outreach Program. Attendees will get the chance to drive their own Remotely Operated Vehicles in a 1000 gallon tank or even in the Cocheco River! SeaPerch will also have a Flinking activity for students to try their hand at achieving neutral buoyancy.

Maurizio Paura– Composer, singer/songwriter, and guitarist Maurizio Paura will be performing at Maker Faire. Come to the Faire and check out his music! When he is not performing or composing, Paura volunteers at the Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover as a therapeutic musician.

Seek Its- Erika Carly has created her own hand-made versions of the Find It toys called Seek Its. Maker Faire attendees will get to make their own Seek Its, for a small fee, to take home with them. She will also be selling other Seek Its, wire trees, and beaded metal bookmarks.


Portsmouth Public Library– The Portsmouth Public Library will be returning to this year’s Maker Faire and will be encouraging attendees to get crafty, techy, and skilled at the library! They will be providing a few different hands-on craft projects for anyone to try.


Handmade Productivity- Do you have a secret dream to travel the world? An “evil” plan to take over…the garden? Handmade Productivity will help you make those dreams a reality by giving you tools to organize and inspire yourself. Come by their booth and create a pocket journal to capture brilliant ideas or any thoughts that come in your head during the day, make a bulletin board out of repurposed materials or even create an inspirational sign to motivate yourself.

Week 4: Fabulous Makers of 2015

3Dhub3D Hubs– 3D Hubs helps connect people who own 3D printers with people who want to 3D print. They have over 17,000 printers in 160 countries around the world! They will be bringing a 3D printer to Maker Faire, offering printing demos and promoting local and personalized manufacturing through 3D printing.


Saving the World from Dull Coffee Routines!– Jennifer Berube, resident of Lempster, NH, designs and creates the “More than Coffee Scoop,” sure to make every cup of coffee anything but dull! Each scoop can be completely customized with high-quality gemstones, glass beads, and wire and Jennifer will be asking for custom orders at Maker Faire in addition to selling previously-made scoops. She will also be selling her line of recycled teacups that can be used to feed birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds and will brighten up your garden.

Shockwave Robotics Dover High School– Dover High School’s First Robotics Team 4546 will be displaying their competition robot for this year and teaching Faire attendees the foundation of how robots are made. Come check out their interactive displays and learn how mechanics, engineering, and programming come together to make a functioning robot!

Raspberry Pi Guy– Dan Norris will be back at this year’s Maker Faire to demonstrate his mini Raspberry Pi FM broadcast station. Participants will be able to use the project to broadcast messages to a nearby FM receiver. He will also be bringing a “super computer” cluster, a panoramic DSLR camera system, and an RGB LED matrix message screen, where people will be able to type in messages and have them appear on the screen.

High Voltage and Wireless Electricity– Meet Forrest Veilleux, a 12-year-old homeschooler who loves to scavenge old electronic parts and build working projects with what he finds! He will be demonstrating many of his creations, including the Solid State Tesla Coil, Jacob’s Ladder, Slayer Exciters, High Voltage Flyback Driver, Joule Thief, and High Voltage Capacitor Flash Circuit. Come see sparks and light, while hearing the cracking sounds of high-voltage electricity! Observers will also get the opportunity to hold florescent tubes and watch them light up wirelessly at varying distances.

Week 3: “Meet the Makers Update 2015”

20150328NHStates_jeff-182-X3New Hampshire Destination Imagination– New Hampshire Destination Imagination encourages students from kindergarten through college to have fun, take risks, focus, frame, and solve challenges with their education. Incorporating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), they are focused on 21st century learning programs that promote teamwork and prototyping. They will be bringing a hands-on activity to Maker Faire called “The Grape Crusher,” where participants will design and create a protective device to keep a grape from being crushed. Other similar activities will be offered as well.

zKelGn1Idoon4mAh3VBgYe6M8EChEyq-98zq3jidBtQBay State Ghostbusters– They are back for their third Maker Faire! Though, the local Ghostbusters will not have a table at the Faire, you will be able to find them all over town, looking for spooks, goblins, ghosts, and ghouls. They’ll test your psychic powers and may even have a treat for you! Be sure to ask about and collect their personalized trading cards too!

3D Printing from Hanscom Middle School– Come see how this school in Massachusetts is using 3D printing to teach students math in a creative and fun way and how you can do it too! They will be making everything from puzzles and mazes to constellations to ancient pyramids using 3D printers at Maker Faire. They will also have a few laptops for participants to design their own projects.

10325208_845038902208378_5815752477968757120_nEPLIS Comics with Emily Drouin– EPLIS Comics is a fun for all ages sci-fi, action-adventure comic book series written be Emily and Jeremy Drouin and illustrated by Emily Drouin (for more of her work, check out Emily and Jeremy Drouin will be leading a workshop called “Monsters: Friend or Foe” throughout the day, teaching kids how to draw cartoons from Disney movies, TV shows, and comics and talking about what makes certain characters cute vs. scary. They will also be selling their comics, drawing caricatures, and providing free coloring pages.

makers-dover-paulMakers in Manchester– This group will be bringing some of their own makers to the Faire, where they will be presenting their projects. At last year’s Maker Faire, projects included robotics, ham radio, prop making, and a haptic keyboard. Come by their table to check out what they have created this year!

Week 2: “Meet the Makers 2015 Update”

claytransformed_marisavitoloDecorate Clay Ornaments– Local artist Marissa Vitolo will be back at Maker Faire this year, helping attendees decorate their own ceramic ornaments for just $1 per person. People will be able to use Sharpies or permanent paint for their creations and will tie a hemp thread to it at the end for hanging purposes.

unh_iolSnap Circuits with UNH InterOperability Laboratory– Come and learn about the basics of electrical engineering and circuitry with members of the UNH-IOL. Attendees will use snap circuits from kits to blink lights, spin fans, and play music.

8ec09c2cd556a14c0151087bf9a384d4Granite STEMWorks– Previously UNH LunaCats, Granite STEMWorks promotes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education across Seacoast NH, with a focus on robotics, space exploration, and NASA. They will be bringing a few robots to Maker Faire and will be giving out paper models of NASA spacecraft for people to take home and build.

SummerbandManchester Community Music School Summer Band– This 40 piece band made up of professionals, amateurs, alumni, music teachers, and students will be performing their music at Maker Faire. Conducted by Ed Doyle, they perform at various locations in Manchester and around the state.

Vintage Robot– Vintage Robot creates unique robots from recycled materials like old computers, watches, comics, maps, pendants, and stamps. They will be showcasing some of their robots at Maker Faire as well as selling hand-crafted recycled items, robot T-shirts, and artwork.

Our Weekly “Meet the Makers 2015 Update” Begins!

TDB Monsters– TDB Monsters creates one-of-a-kind characters and masks from recycled items like paint lids, stray wires and discarded or unused items found around the house. In addition to making costumes and masks, they have created jewelry and even a slithering bicycle. They will be showcasing some of their creations at their third Dover Mini Maker Faire.

cocacolaWhat Makes Your North Face Jacket– Learn how the ordinary things you recycle end up with local companies and are used to create amazing new things, some of which you may have never thought were made from recycled materials! Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Northern New England will teach you how you are helping local companies by recycling.

7th Settlement Brewery– 7th Settlement Brewery will be offering on-site tours of their 7 Barrel Brewery across the street from the Faire throughout the day. Tour groups will get the chance to learn about the process of making beer and see a Root Beer brewing demonstration.

The Open Organization of Lockpickers– Members from TOOOL PWM will be back at Maker Faire for their third year, providing an interactive demonstration or lockpicking and explaining how the process works.

Early bird tickets are now on sale for Dover Mini Maker Faire

Early bird tickets are now on sale for Dover Mini Maker Faire through June 30th for $8 each. (July 1st through August 28th tickets will be $10 each and $12 at the door on August 29th.) This 3rd annual celebration of creativity and innovation will take place in and around the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in downtown Dover, NH on Saturday, August 29th. Purchase your tickets here!

Save the date for Dover Mini Maker Faire 2015!


Saturday, August 29 is the date of the 2015 Dover Mini Maker Faire! This 3rd annual celebration of creativity and innovation will take place in and around the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in downtown Dover, NH.

The planning committee will be announcing the opening date for Call to Makers shortly. In the meantime, you can take a look back at our past Mini Maker Faire events in 2014 and 2013.

Science shows!

Science shows!

So what can I see and experience at Dover Mini Maker Faire?

We’re ecstatic to share that more than 50 makers from around New England will be joining us for our very first Maker Faire in Dover! Our planning committee had a goal of 30 and we’ve blown that out of the water, thanks to the enthusiastic support of our local maker committee and grassroots promotion that has spread far and wide.

Check out the list of makers who will be joining us on August 24th, along with a quick preview of what they’ll be sharing with attendees.

Lunar Robot built by LunaCats team

Lunar Robot built by Luna Cats team

UNH Luna Catsdesign & build a Lunabot vehicle

ReVision Energy:  solar-powered water fountain demonstration

Open Org of Lockpickers – Southern ME chapter:  learn about locks, how to pick them and reuse them

Marissa Vitolo Glass/Ceramic Accessories:  create earrings, brooch, pendant, ring

UNH College of Engineering & Physical Sciences:  build a STEM compass


Screen print crab logo onto your tee

Port City Makerspace:  screen printing of Dover Mini Maker Faire logo

Art Lab for Kids:  make art using a recycled map

McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Centermake & launch paper rockets

Bike Part Art:  creative projects related to physics, engineering

Giants In The Woods – band that mixes traditional instruments with electronics like cell phones, tablets to create electronica music performance

Get MESY (Math, Engineering, Science & You, program by NHPTVhands on engineering challenges

Art by Emily Drouin

Art by Emily Drouin

Emily Drouin:  comic book art

JesterType:  open source Arduino-based human interface device that converts gestures into text

New England Model Engineering Society: learn about making working models of steam engines, gas engines, Stirling engines and more



Steampunkinetics:  display of Steampunk art & design

TDB Monsters:  making monsters w/recycled art

Air Rocket Glider:  building & launching rockets

Squirrelcat Designs:  face and body art including temporary glitter tatoos, plus knit items and painted horseshoes

Nathan Walker:  demonstrating how to make large-scale recycled metal art

GTR Kit Car

GTR Kit Car

GTR Kit Car:  Roe Cole will be displaying sports car custom-built from a kit

New Heights Stilt Troupedemo of stilt making and stilt walking

New Heights:  Makey Makey demo

Olde Englande Ironworks: Demonstration of traditional blacksmithing techniques


SeaPerch Tank

SeaPerch:  attendees can drive Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles in a 1000-gallon tank

Corky’s Projects:  variety of DIY tech projects

Tiny Little Room:  making hand-sewn creatures

Jean O. Hearn Fiber Creations:  felting demonstration

Mad Science of Southern NH & Northern MA:  Science Exploration Station

UNH Precision Racing Team

UNH Precision Racing Team

UNH Precision Racing Team: Look for the team with its car in the Big, Loud & High-Flying Zone!

Port City Makerspace:  demonstrating a variety of projects

Cris & Company:  making hand-crafted gifts, some with recycled materials

Iron Pour:  melting cast iron into molds – make a resin mold

TRACIMOC comic art

TRACIMOC comic art

TRACIMOC:  transforms comic books into wearable art, will have DIY station to make pin/keychain/zipper pull

Michael Lang:  30-minute workshop on how to tell a story; the art of storytelling

Anabean Designs:  childrens/infants tutu’s & dresses

One Story Houses:  doll houses and miniatures

3-D Printing Demo:  demo of Maker-bot THING-O-MATIC 3-D printer

Hottie Biscotti Bakerygluten-free & vegan baked goods

RepRap Prusa 3D Printer:  demo of open source 3D printer

TribeyHybridTRIBEY:  bicycle/snowboard electrically powered hybrid demo

Paint for Fun:  kids can make plaster art

Raspberry Pi Projects for Evil Genius:  robot car and radon detector controlled by Raspberry Pi

Lone Oak of Rochester:  ice cream making demo & samples

Ikibuku Hooping Co:  make a hula hoop

Pam Tyson:  demo of making quilted art

PolyRecoveryPicPoly Recovery:  sustainable plastic recycling demo

Assistive Technology:  iPad solutions made with corrugated plastic & Loc-Line, demo of mini McGyver tape kits

Discovery Toys:  demo of learning toys and sets

Steven Abbadessademo of Wood Gassification process, taking wood chips and converting them to synthetic fuel gas, same as used in Victorian days

UNH Interoperability Labs: learn how to control lights using simple programming