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“Meet the Makers” of 2016

Signed up to participate in the Saturday, August 27 Dover Mini Maker Faire:
63 Makers
8 Food Vendors (yum!)

Makers coming from:
28 New Hampshire towns (13 from Dover!)
6 Maine towns
2 Massachusetts towns
1 New York town

Sponsored by:
12 Business Sponsors
3 Media Sponsor

Buy your tickets today!

Let’s meet more of the 2016 Makers!

Entertainment Technology Explorations with the Girl Scouts



There’s an old saying that all work and no play makes life pretty dull. But if you learn the ins and out of entertainment technology, you can end up with work that’s all about play! Come join the Girl Scouts and explore the science behind animation, amusement park rides and sound effects with a selection of activities from the Junior Girl Scout Entertainment Technology Badge.

Full Blast


Madeleine Nossiff’s work crosses many disciplines from painting to writing, ceramics to printmaking and from music to sculpture. She has created a larger than life metal sculpture of a rocket ship which has a colorful fabric lining. Faire goers will be welcomed inside the rocket to immerse themselves in playful imagination.

VELCRO® Brand Kids Lounge


The VELCRO® Brand Kids Lounge is where kids and adults alike can get inventive with arts and crafts, investigate under microscopes, create imaginative stories and color, and learn and play with a broad range of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop products. Stop by, relax, invent, create and play with one of this year’s Dover Mini Maker Faire sponsors!

Tap House Media


Tap House Media is a boutique marketing and advertising agency in Dover, NH, focused on delivering powerful visual solutions through a variety of media outlets. Tap House TV is a closed loop digital display advertising channel right here in the Greater Dover region, created specifically for advertising and supporting local businesses.

New Hampshire Destination Imagination


New Hampshire’s Incredible Creativity Connection, or NHICC, is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering teamwork, creative problem solving, and innovation in New Hampshire. Each year teams of up to seven students work together to solve a challenge and present their solution in the form of a skit at one of their regional tournaments. Through the Destination Imagination Challenge Program, students improve in creative and critical thinking, explore their curiosity, build on their unique strengths, learn how to design and manage a project, and gain the skills needed for the 21st century workforce.

Great Bay Trout Unlimited


Stop by GBTU’s table and they’ll help you learn how to tie flies and cast a fly rod! Great Bay Trout Unlimited is a non-profit group that works to conserve, protect and restore southeastern New Hampshire’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

3D Hubs


3D Hubs is world’s largest online marketplace for 3D printing services. With service providers connected in over 160 countries 3D Hubs makes it easy for product designers and engineers to find the right 3D print solution for prototyping and small production runs. By providing local access to cutting-edge 3D printing technologies 3D Hubs is accelerating a future of distributed on-demand manufacturing. Founded in 2013, 3D Hubs is headquartered in Amsterdam.

Making & K-12 STEM


There is broad support for updating K-12 Science and Math education to effectively incorporate Engineering and Technology (STEM). Despite this, many questions persist: what exactly is STEM? How is it different from the status quo? How can STEM be integrated in K-12 education? These are some of the questions that David Benedetto from the NH Department of Education will explore at the Faire. Stop by and consider the connections between the Maker movement and the STEM education movement.

“Meet the Makers” of 2016

Did you know that the Dover Mini  Maker Faire on Saturday, August 27 is not necessarily something you have to do with the kids? We know, we know…it’s being organized by a Children’s Museum, and we get how that looks. But seriously, over half the people who visit the Faire come sans kids! Adults, teens, grandparents, kids, robots…we promise we’ll have something to inspire all ages!

Buy your tickets today for only $10! They’re $12 at the door and kids 5 and under get in for free.

And now…more 2016 Makers!

New England Garrison of the 501st Legion


Can you think of any other fair where you can see a Jawa in a Yellow Submarine? The New England Garrison, a group of folks that are part of the 501st Legion Star Wars costuming fan club, will be roaming the Dover Mini Maker Faire again this year! Friendly Stormtroopers and more will be on hand, learning from Makers and of course…looking for those droids!

Segway, Inc.


Segway is making their first appearance at the Dover Mini Maker Faire! Discover their innovative and energy conscious products. Whether you’re developing a robotics app, taking on a new adventure, exploring the sights or focusing on improving employee productivity, it’s more fun to do so with style. Simplify your world and enjoy work and play that much more with Segway!

La Violet


Tanya and Lauren Violette, members of a talented family of inventors, will be creating 3-D printed earrings on their Ultimaker 2. We will have various designs, shapes and colors to choose from.

Compressed Air Powered Marshmallow Shooter
and Paper Air Plane Launcher


Sean Violette, another member of a talented family of inventors, will be showing off his Compressed Air Powered Marshmallow Shooter. It shoots marshmallows over 100 feet at approximately 120+ mph! Sean will also share his motorized paper air plane launcher that he demonstrated on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last year!

Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race


Lowell, MA is organizing its first Kinetic Sculpture Race, to be held on September 24. Kinetic sculptures of all shapes and sizes will race through the streets of Lowell and even brave the waters of the Merrimack River! We’re excited to have one of the teams building a sculpture for this race, Team Think Tank, and the race organizer himself, Michael Roundy on hand at the Dover Mini Maker Faire! Come by and see the progress Team Think Tank has made and learn more about the race.

Lights, camera, ACTION!


The Narrow Street Films stunt team has been creating stage and film action pieces for close to ten years. Members have some impressive training including military training, weapons handling, guns, knives, swords and bo staff handling and much more. Members of the NSF Stunt team will be hosting a workshop on the ins and outs of making a cool, dynamic, and dangerous (looking) action scene!

CSI Dover


Discover the world of forensic science! St. Thomas Aquinas High School demonstrates the process by which criminal evidence is collected and processed. Learn how math, science and even your body can play an important part in helping police officers solve crimes. CSI has landed in Dover!

Lost Woods Turning Company


Jeff Lukach creates beautiful wooden objects like bookmarks, guitar picks, bowls, and even magic wands! He’ll be on hand at this year’s Faire, selling his wares and doing wood turning demos. Lost Woods Turning Company is where nerdy meets fine woodworking!

Corky’s Projects 2.0


Corky Mork is a “Maker” in the truest sense of the word. “I’ve been a Maker of electronic and mechanical things long before the term was popular,” he said. Not only that, but Corky has been a Maker presenter at the Dover Mini Maker Faire since its inception four years ago! He’ll be back again this year showing off more of his fun creations, as well as his collection of unusual robotic toys.

NH Lego League


This year the NH LEGO League will be debuting a brand new LEGO Robotics game for students from across NH to compete in next spring. The game will be the first in a series of challenges that will crown New Hampshire’s best LEGO robotics team. The game uses LEGO Mindstorms robotic equipment and in a hands-on competition that has been called the fastest 300 seconds in LEGO history.

“Meet the Makers” of 2016

The Dover Mini Maker Faire is only 2 weeks away! We often get asked “What is a Maker Faire,” and we’re not going to lie, it’s a tough question to answer. How exactly can you sum up a Fair that doesn’t have a ferris wheel, but does have science demonstrations, robots, 3D printers and the like? Regardless of how we talk about it, one word we always use is “FUN!” We promise you’ll learn something new, try something awesome, and go home inspired. So buy your tickets today!

Let’s meet more of this year’s Makers!

Delicious Science with Sub Zero Ice Cream


Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt from Nashua, NH will show you how “cool” science can be! We provide a look at the states of matter, the relationship between volume, pressure and temperature and even the Leidenfrost effect. With visual experiments performed before your eyes YOU get to interactively participate by providing your hypotheses as to what the outcome of the experiments will be! Science is delicious! Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt will also have their food truck at this year’s Faire.

Google Cardboard Virtual Tour Demonstration


Have you always wanted to see a tour of the statue of Liberty, but never had the chance? Want to visit the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire when it’s closed, in the comfort of your own home? Now is your chance! Make it Active, LLC, a Google Trusted Photography Street View Partner, will be at this year’s Faire with a Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Demonstration, along with simple instructions on how to build your own Google Cardboard at home!

The Science and History of Brewing with 7th Settlement


The Brewery team at 7th Settlement will lead groups of 10-15 people (any age) across the street from the Children’s Museum of NH to and through their 7 barrel brewery. They’ll talk about the ingredients, history and science it takes to brew beer from the malting process, hop and yeast cultivation to the full brewing methods. We will also talk about NH and Dover’s brewing history. The tours do not include tastes, but the restaurant is open during the Faire! 7th Settlement is also providing their popular “Juice Burger” food truck at the Faire if you prefer!

UNH Lunacats

UNH Luna Cats-web

UNH Lunacats is a UNH student organization comprised of Engineering and Computer Science students who gather to design, build, and compete their robots. They’ll be bringing their miner robot, which they designed and built for last year’s NASA Robotics Mining Competition at Kennedy Space Station. They’ll share ideas of the improvements they are going to implement based on the competition results.

N.E.G.A.T.E (North East Ghostbusters Alliance Taskforce Ecto)


They’re baaaaack! Our local Ghostbusters will be roaming around Dover, looking for spooks, goblins, ghosts and ghouls. They’ll test your psychic powers and may even have a treat for you. Be sure to ask about and collect their personalized trading cards too! The Ghostbusters love to chat about their gear and give lessons on how to fight ghosts. Who knows, Stay Puft and Slimer may even make an appearance at this year’s Faire!

The Northeast Buccaneers


The Dover Mini Maker Faire will be taken over by these pirates, entertainers and merri-makers this year! Don’t be surprised if they challenge you to a sword fight, try to educate you on proper pirate etiquette or demand to take a selfie with you! Don’t worry, they’re friendlier than they look.

Makers of Manchester


Makers of Manchester” is a community meet-up group of innovators and inventors that love tinkering with everything from robotics to household items. This year they will have a variety of show-and-tell projects from their meetings. They’ll show things such as how to make useful plastic ribbon from a bottle that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill.

Usbourne Books & More


Usborne Books & More is on a mission! They want to put an end to the illiteracy crisis in America. Educational Consultant Gina Teolis will be on hand selling educational, high quality, affordable and uniquely interactive books for all ages. These books are for every stage of life, from birth to adulthood!

Balloon Art


Terri Marsh is back with her amazing balloon creations! This year she’ll be creating a tropical balloon sculpture with two 5-foot palm trees and balloon animals! She’ll have three workshops throughout the day during which Faire-goers will be invited to create their own balloon animals.

Clay, Awakening an Earth Resource


Do you ever wonder about what is under our feet as we walk a country field or even a backyard? Learn to recognize, simple-test and awaken natural clay with Vicky Anderson. Using Native American techniques, bring your clay into a workable state, and then create a small item such as a totem or container.

Maine State Library

MaineLibrary 3dprinter-web

The Maine State Library will be joining us at this year’s Faire and will be bringing some fun equipment! The Kudo 3D is an SLA (stereolithographic) 3D printer. It essentially works by projecting UV light to harden a special resin, layer by layer, to create a 3D object. It’s just one of the awesome tech devices available in their Makerspace.

NEMO Equipment

nemo tents-web

Dover based company NEMO Equipment returns to exhibit some of its cutting edge outdoor industry designs. Stop by and learn about the creative process, how the gear is made, the technologies used, and how NEMO equipment can help fuel your next adventure!

Meet the Makers of 2016

We have 58 Makers signed up to participate at this year’s Dover Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, August 27. It’s the most Makers we’ve ever had! While the official deadline was last Friday, we could be convinced to let a few more sign up…so…don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions, either through email or on our Dover Mini Maker Faire Facebook page.

And if you haven’t done it yet, don’t wait to buy your advanced $10 tickets. If you wait till you get to the Faire, the price is $12/person. Buy them online here!

Now let’s meet some more of our talented Makers!

Makerspace at the E-Center


Makerspace at the E-Center is UNH’s first ever Makerspace! It is now open to all students and recent grads of UNH Durham! Their goal is to embrace and create opportunities for ideas, creativity and innovation, in a safe and accessible Makerspace environment. Come by the booth this year to learn more about new programs and opportunities being offered!

Form Lab


Form lab is an art studio run by Joe and Rachel Montroy. They use a variety of materials, primarily metal and clay to make sculptural and functional objects. Stop by their booth to play with some clay and watch them demonstrate a variety of techniques, such as throwing on the potter’s wheel and bronze casting.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE’s highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. The IEEE is represented locally by the NH section covering chapters for radio communications, robotics, Women Engineers and other associate societies

New Hampshire Public Television


Stop by New Hampshire Public Television’s table, make a wild crafty critter and learn about all of the great educational programing and services they offer for kids and families.

How to Publish a Book


Have a great idea for a book but don’t know how to get it published? Stop by and meet Children’s Author Layne Case, owner of AMITY Publications. She’s been writing children’s books, poetry and developing literacy programs for young kids for decades! Meet Layne, read her books, ask questions and get inspired.

Cider Hill Homestead Honey


Ever wanted to learn about keeping bees? Heather Razin a beekeeper from York, Maine will be on hand at this year’s Faire. While she’ll leave the bees at home, she’ll have her bee suits for Faire guests to try on, learn about beekeeping equipment and of course a chance to taste honey!

Port City Makerspace


If you’ve ever needed a certain tool to finish a project and didn’t know where to go, or if you have no space to work on that thing you’ve been wanting to make, or if you’ve been looking for a place to hang out with creative and innovative thinkers, look no further than Port City Makerspace. This community of creative makers will be on hand offering hands on activities and games. Join them and you might get to play a giant game of chess or try your hand at soldering!

Makers vs. Makerspaces

There are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be a “Maker” in a community of Makers, vs. being a member of a Makerspace. Manchester, NH is a city that is bursting with ingenuity, technology and entrepreneurs, and has attracted many Makers, all looking to accomplish the same thing: Offering support to people wanting to learn, invent and of course…make. I sat down to talk with two groups from Manchester who often get bundled into one in the public’s mind, The Makers of Manchester and Manchester Makerspace. I asked them to explain the differences between their groups and where they see themselves heading in the future.

Q. First off, what exactly is a “Maker?” Or, I guess a more interesting question might be, what isn’t a “Maker?”

Makers of Manchester: 
“I think just about everyone is a Maker in some way,” shares Ryan Sutton. “Whether they make a robot, software, a book, a painting, a birthday cake, etc. I don’t think anyone really goes through life buying everything in the exact final form they want to use it. I feel a ‘Maker’ in the ‘Maker Community’ is someone who is looking to share and grow their experiences as a maker with others in the community.”

“And as for those people who ‘aren’t Makers,'” laughs Paul Beaudet, “Well, internally we call them ‘Muggles!'”

Manchester Makerspace:
“A Maker is a person who enjoys solving problems,” says Jesse O’Brien.


Q. There are two Manchester groups interested in supporting the whole Maker Movement, but you have focused on different ways of doing that. Can you describe the differences between Manchester Makerspace and Makers in Manchester?

Makers in Manchester:
“From my perspective,” answers Ryan Sutton, “the Makers in Manchester group is focused on building and fostering the community around Making. I really like our ‘Project Days’ that we have been having at SEE Science Center, which take on a ‘clubhouse’ feel, people coming in to work on their project or get help with areas they are challenged with. The space at SEE certainly isn’t a ‘full service’ makerspace but I was impressed what was able to be ‘packed in/packed out’ this past weekend and the progress people were able to make on their projects.”

Manchester Makerspace:
“In the simplest terms,” says Jesse O’Brien, “Manchester Makerspace encourages makers by providing workspace to makers who don’t have everything they need at home. All makers need a space to work, the primary distinction is whether they want to work in their own private space and outfit it with their own tools or in a shared space, where tools are outfitted and maintained by the community.

Q. How did each of your groups get started?

Makers in Manchester:
“Makers in Manchester has been around since Spring of 2013,” shares Brenda Noiseux “but the idea was seeded in the Summer of 2012. My friend John Shaver and I are costumers, prop makers and general tinkerers, and we weren’t finding enough time to work on our own projects. By creating a group, we thought being around other Makers would not only inspire us, but also that the monthly Show-and-Tell would help keep us accountable to working on our own projects. Along the way, we’ve expanded the organizational team to Paul, Ryan, and Rich Maynard and we also merged with another Maker meet-up group.

Manchester Makerspace:
“The Manchester Makerspace has gone through a few leadership groups so far,” says Jesse O’Brien “but this year has been the first time that an official non-profit organization was formed, and our small Board of Directors is now organizing plans to get founding members involved in decision making and build-out.

Q. I would consider myself a novice Maker. Which group would best suit my needs?

Makers in Manchester:
I’m sure both groups would be great for novices as everyone I have ever ever met in both groups are more than willing to help new people who are interested in something they can help with,” says Ryan Sutton. “The groups do provide different levels of services and costs which may sway someone one way or the other.”

“It really depends on the Maker’s interest,” says Paul Beaudet. “If they’re interested in machinery or car lifts, then the Makerspace is something to consider. If they’re interested in smaller hobby projects of the ‘carry in, carry out’ variety, then the project space at SEE may be something to consider.”

manchester-makerspaceManchester Makerspace:
“If you already have the tools you need to complete your project,” says Jesse O’Brien “Makers in Manchester is the perfect place to show your project off and get advice from other Makers. If your project is larger than you’re equipped to handle yourself, (perhaps it requires a milling machine, but you don’t want to buy a $10,000 machine for one project) the Manchester Makerspace would be able to save you a lot of stress and money.

Q. I like the sound of being a Maker, but I have ZERO experience! It feels intimidating to just show up to a meeting with no real project in mind. Can people come to your meetings to learn as well as make specific things?

Makers in Manchester:
“Absolutely!” says Ryan Sutton. “The monthly Thursday meetings are a great way to get ideas and learn what others are doing.”

“That’s actually a more common feeling then I might have thought,” says Paul Beaudet. “I would say, come in to a ‘Show and Tell,’ check it out and see where you may want to start, or if someone else inspires you. It’s a friendly and inclusive group. It is nice to know there is someone that is willing to help.”

Manchester Makerspace:
“Come to any meetup with Makers in Manchester, or go to any Makerspace (Portsmouth, Nashua, Manchester, Lowell, etc.) and start asking questions,” suggests Jesse O’Brien. “A big part of being a Maker is trying things until something works, and the process of becoming a Maker is your first chance to do that.”

Q. Are there fees involved in being a part of each group?

Makers in Manchester:
“There are currently no fees,” says Brenda Noiseux. “Our monthly ‘Show and Tell’ will always be free and open to the public, but we’re still working out the details on events like Project Days.

Manchester Makerspace:
Manchester Makerspace will charge a monthly fee (less than $100, but our payment structure is not defined yet), says Jesse O’Brien. “That money goes toward renting an industrial space ad keeping it stocked with tools, supplies and utilities.”

Q. WHY should people care about the Maker Movement and what has it brought to your lives?

Makers in Manchester
“For me,” says Ryan Sutton “the ‘Maker Movement’ has been great! I think I would have been doing the same things or at least the same type of things without it, but having like-minded people to get ideas from, bounce ideas off of, then show the results is a lot of fun. The level and varied knowledge in the group has certainly made my projects better since joining.”

“As Jesse mentioned,” says Brenda Noiseux “there’s a lot of problem solving and critical thinking that come with being a Maker. I think these two skills are critical to our everyday lives. The genuine excitement and energy of our Maker community invigorates me. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or an amateur robot builder, I learn so much from my fellow Makers and find different angles for my own projects. Now, if only I had the time to do them all!”

“This may sound left field,” says Paul Beaudet “but self sufficiency in an increasingly interdependent world is something that fascinates me. It’s been said that self sufficiency is more of a direction than a destination and that is an important note. Makers build all sorts of odd things, but the exercise of doing so stretches some important brain muscles. For instance, I build keyboards. But no one in the modern world will likely ever have to build their own, never mind build one to be ‘self-reliant.” It’s just my interest and it builds on my skills to do other things that could be better seen as self-reliant. Makers just have the drive to ‘do-it-themselves.’ The community aspect of the Makers Movement gives me the confidence that I’m surrounding myself with the people that could best survive a zombie apocalypse. So there you go. You should care about the Maker Movement if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse,” he laughs.

circuitsManchester Makerspace:
“The key component to the Maker Movement,” says Jesse O’Brien “is to enable ‘normal’ people to innovate. Encouraging curiosity, creativity and new ideas isn’t new, but making it possible for everyone to participate is a relatively new concept. It’s important to show the world that people can do awesome things without a massive organization pushing them.”

You can learn more about Manchester Makerspace by visiting their website at http://manchestermakerspace.com

And you can join the Makers in Manchester at their monthly meetings, see them at the 2015 Dover Mini Maker Faire, or visit their website www.makersinmanchester.com to learn more.