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2016 Faire Recap

What can we say? We love this event! The 2016 Dover Mini Maker Faire was a lot of fun. Here are just a few highlights.

We had robots playing soccer!


We had a once-in-a-lifetime convergence of characters!


We had dancing robots!


We had high-tech demonstrations!


We had a whole lot of scientific discovery!


We had inventors of all ages!


We even had amazing food!


See more pictures on our Facebook page!

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Food Vendor Highlight

Terra Cotta Pasta, Co.


CMNH Communications Intern, Dave Nassoura had the enviable task of sampling some of the food from one of our August 27, 2016 Dover Mini Maker Faire food vendors.

Terracotta Pasta Company is coming to the Dover Mini Maker Faire once again! I had the chance to stop by their Dover headquarters and try one of their unbelievable meat ball subs. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t always been the biggest meatball sub guy so when I heard that’s what I was having I wasn’t overly excited. But once I saw the size of the meatballs and tasted the sauce that went with it, I was hooked. Terracotta does a meatball sub the way it should be done, lots of meat, lots of sauce, and loaded with provolone. Simple, because it doesn’t have to be complicated to taste great.

I also go to sit down with long time Dover location production manager Corey who started as a cook and prep worker at the facility 10 years ago and worked his way up to a management position. The passion Corey has for food is evident just listening to him talk for 5 minutes. Terracotta loves their pastas and that really does come through in the quality and freshness of every product. Corey explained to me how much creating a quality product means to him, “that’s one of my favorite parts of the job” he said “to be able to give people something I know is a quality product and see them satisfied”.

Corey also said that despite 10 years of experience he is always learning new techniques and loves that he gets to come to work everyday and still push the boundaries of his craft and better himself. He also talked about how much of a family the company is and how everyone really comes together during the production process leading up to events. The whole Terracotta Dover team loves doing events because they get to interact with the public and see the satisfaction on people’s faces as they enjoy the product they have worked so hard to create.

Terracotta Pasta will have their famous meatball subs at Maker Faire this year along with raviolis, fresh garlic bread, and pizzas! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Terracotta Pasta company and highly recommend checking them out next Saturday August 27th!

Don’t wait to purchase tickets to this year’s Faire! Online tickets are only $10! They are $12 at the door.

A short “Short Film Festival”

This year, for the first time, we’ll be showing some short films at the Dover Mini Maker Faire! We’ve dubbed it our short “Short Film Festival” and it really will be short…no more than an hour, including a Q&A with the Directors. We know there’s a lot to see and do at the Faire, but there are a lot of talented local filmmakers doing great work, and we wanted to include them!

The first two films are “Signing” by Gina Catalfo Nelson and “Rocketship” by Alfred Thomas Catalfo. These Dover-based, Father-and-daughter filmmakers have never shown their films together, so this is an exciting first!


“Signing” is a 10-minute short film about a teenage boy who begins to fall in love with his new neighbor, only to find out she is hiding a secret. The film premiered in June 2015 at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood, CA. Since then, “Signing” has won 4 awards of merit from the Best Shorts Competition, including Women Filmmaker.


“Rocketship” is a 15-minute family drama in which an unlikely bond is forged between a lonely boy and an elderly man claiming to be a former astronaut. The film was an Official Selection of the 17th Dances With Films festival in Los Angeles, one of the industry’s premier showcases for emerging talent. “Rocketship” is inspired by the rocketship sculptures of local artist David Random.


The third film will be a short excerpt from “The Man Who Wasn’t Tex Magru” by Narrow Street Films. This film follows the comedic exploits of a young man trapped in a dangerous situation involving gangsters, thugs, and kidnappers. With no where, or no one to turn to for help, young Wayne Young must stand up to stop the bad guys, save the girl, the day and hopefully himself. Made in the classic style of Abbott in Costello ‘Tex Magru’ is a fun film for the whole family.

The films’s Directors will all be on hand to answer questions from the audience at the end of the viewing. Then, as an added bonus, stick around for a stunt fight workshop with the stunt crew from Narrow Street Films! They’ll show you how to create a dangerous (looking) fight scene.

All this is included in admission to the Saturday, August 27 Dover Mini Maker Faire. Don’t wait to buy your tickets! They’re only $10 online, but cost $12 at the door. Kids 5 and under get in for free.

“Meet the Makers” of 2016

New England’s Makers have really risen to the Maker Faire challenge this year! We now have over 60 Makers signed up to participate at this year’s Dover Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, August 27. It’s the most Makers we’ve ever had! Now we need your help in advertising the Faire and selling tickets. Download a flyer to put up around your town, and invite your friends to see all the fun and action.

And if you haven’t done it yet, don’t wait to buy your advanced $10 tickets. If you wait till you get to the Faire, the price is $12/person. Buy them online here!

Let’s meet some more Makers!

Granite STEMworks


Granite STEMworks educates kids about science and engineering. Caleigh McPherson, NASA Ambassador will be on hand to educate you about the upcoming OSIRIS-REx mission that will send a spacecraft to an asteroid. Faire goers will learn about the technology behind this mission and how astronauts will use a robotic arm to pluck samples from the asteroid’s surface and then return to Earth! Play with robots, take home a paper spacecraft model and more!

Fishertechnik Robot


Madison Foster and Marie Hoehner, students at the Seacoast School of Technology will have a Fisherntechnik robot for guests to play and interact with. Fisherntechnik has robot kits that offer a variety of robotic products that can be combined however you want. These young Makers, in collaboration with their teacher Vaso Partinoudi, will have a computer running a program that controls their one-of-a-kind robot.

Woodman Museum


The Woodman Museum has an extensive collection of antique items that have ties to Dover’s rich history. At this year’s Faire they will have a unique display of antique tools on display. Can you guess what they’re used for? Stop by and play some colonial era games!

Compressed Air Rockets

violette-compressed air rockets-web

Come see the Violette Family’s newly redesigned compressed air rocket launcher v2.2 and join in the fun! Just add a bike pump, paper and tape to make rockets that launch hundreds of feet. You can also launch foam rockets, gliders, rocket gliders and bounce rockets. These simple products are designed with teachers and educators in mind!

Snap Circuits


The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) has been testing networking and data communications products since 1988! Using their knowledge, tools, services and relationships, they work to enable the next generation of technology and engineers. They’re back at this year’s, Faire showing guests the basics of electricity using SnapCircuits.

Go Solar NH


Zach Haithcock from Go Solar NH will be showing how photovoltaic solar cells can be used to power your home with clean efficient energy that works towards eliminating your electric bill and helping the environment by cutting down on carbon emissions.



Sensor-bilitY, from Northwood, NH, makes affordable multi-sensory toys and tools for kids. They’ll have their products for sale as well as fun tables set up with all sorts of hands on play. The interactive sensory tables are designed by a 12 year old “creative director” who is on the autism spectrum.

Nashua Robot Builders

NashuaRobotBuilders.org - June 2015 meeting

Nashua Robot Builders, which is an informal club of people (and robots) that meet monthly at MakeIt Labs in Nashua, will be bringing a variety of robots that members have built or are in the process of building. Stop by and learn about their club and their robots.

Tough Jets Radio Controlled Airplanes


Tough Jets Radio Controlled Airplanes were designed by life-long RC modeler Wayne Roberts of Kittery, Maine, to be the highest performing fun scale RC propjet on the market. His incredibly accurate models of T-14 and T-15 fighter jets will put a smile on any face! The planes are capable of speeds over 60 mph while still capable of landing at near zero ground speed.

Hands on Learning with Barnes & Noble


The Newington, NH Barnes & Noble team will offer hands-on demonstrations about coding and electricity! They’ll have Ozobots, which are tiny robots that combine the physical and digital worlds, and help to demystify the basics of coding. Play with some electronic building blocks, Little Bits, and see if you can complete the circuit to power a light bulb!

“Meet the Makers” of 2016

There are only two weeks left to sign up to be a Maker at this year’s Dover Mini Maker Faire! We’ve already got an exciting line-up of participants, but would love to add more, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions, either through email or on our Dover Mini Maker Faire Facebook page.

And if you haven’t done it yet, don’t wait to buy your advanced $10 tickets. The price goes up after August 26th! Buy them online here!

Now let’s meet some more of our talented Makers!


Clay Ornaments


Artist Marissa Vitolo works in her garage studio making functional and decorative ceramics as well as experimenting with fused glass. She’ll be back at the Faire this year with her popular “Paint a Clay Ornament” activity. Marissa’s work is earthy and colorful and she loves to play with contrast through color texture and size. Stop by and learn all about clay from Marissa!

The Raspberry Pi Guy


The Raspberry Pi Guy is back with more exciting projects with the Raspberry Pi, an affordable credit card-sized computer. The new Raspberry Pi model 3 will be showcased! A limited number of these will be available for purchase along with copies of his new book, Raspberry Pi Electronics Projects for the Evil Genius which features exciting new experiments you can do with the Raspberry Pi.

Dover Public Library


The Dover Public Library has so many resources besides book! Stop by their booth and find out what’s new at the library, sign up for a library card and learn about how the library can help you with your maker and crafting projects. The library puts on a number of events every day that promote creativity and growth in children of all ages.

NAO Humanoid Robot


Chartacloud Technologies is back with the NAO Humanoid Robot! NAO is a robot that helps and inspires kids to learn in the classroom. NAO interacts with touch, voice or vision and is designed for educational interactions with children ages 5 and up. See NAO, the world’s leading humanoid robot, perform live at this year’s Dover Mini Maker Faire!

Solder Art


Jennifer Stanley is an electronics technician who has used her micro-soldering skills in the medical field to make unique Solder Art! Her art is created by heating and flowing silver/tin solder onto a copper board while the paint adds accent to the picture. Jennifer will be selling her pieces at this year’s Faire!

Pretty Aud Face Paint


Pretty Aud Face Paint is not your average face paint table. Audrey designs and creates unique and creative face paint and henna tattoo designs. Kids and adults alike can request custom patterns and designs for her to illustrate freehand, or they may choose from her catalog. So charge up your imagination and get a beautiful face paint you’ll never forget!

Art by Francois


Francois, a dentist-by-day turned artist has spent the last decade painting beautiful seacoast landscapes and cityscapes. He will have various eclectic art items, posters, art magnets, prints and originals on display and for sale. Stop by and contribute to an interactive pastel painting this year!

“Meet the Makers” of 2016

Makers of all kinds have been signing up to be a part of this year’s August 27th Dover Mini Maker Faire and over the next month we’ll give you some sneak peeks of what to expect right here on our blog.

Have you been on the fence about signing up as a Maker or a presenter? The deadline, August 5, 2016, is fast approaching, so let us know what your questions are and we’ll answer them! You can always reach out to us at questions@childrens-museum.org, or leave us a message on our Dover Mini Maker Faire Facebook page.

Oh, and don’t wait to buy your tickets to this year’s Faire. If you buy them online here before July 31st they’re only $8 (Kids ages 5 and under get in free).

Now on to the Makers of 2016!

Dover Shockwave Robotics

This talented high school robotics team competes regularly with their robotic inventions in the FIRST Robotics competition, founded by NH entrepreneur Dean Kamen. They’ll be bringing their creation from the 2016 competition which was designed to complete tasks like scoring balls into goals, flying discs into goals, flinging inner tubes onto racks, hanging on bars and balancing on beams. DSR will hold demos throughout the day, showing off the amazing skills of their robot.

One Story Houses


These aren’t your typical dollhouses! Inspired by various children’s books and films, Erin, the master architect of these playful houses, has created miniature versions of Stitch’s (from the move “Lilo and Stich”) surf shack and even a Harry Potter-themed house!  Erin is a children’s librarian and greatly enjoys expressing her love of literature in a way that encourages readers to play and create new narratives. Her houses often utilize items that are repurposed and/or made from recycled materials.

Vintage Robot

Vintage Robot
designs and hand-crafts Robot apparel and accessories for humans. Perfect for any lover of robots and technology of all kinds, Vintage Robot has everything to satisfy your Robot merchandise needs. Come check out their popular robot-themed posters and T-Shirts. They also have a line of upcycled products such as necklaces made from old computer parts!

Assistive Technology in New Hampshire

Using unassuming materials like old political signs, Assistive Technology in New Hampshire (ATinNH) provides NH residents with easy to assemble tech that is improving lives and educating the public about differently abled people. ATinNH is a program provided through the UNH’s Institute on Disability (IOD).

Young Inventors Program


NH’s Young Inventors (K-8) creative minds will be featured at this year’s Dover Mini Maker Faire! Their creations have included everything from 8-year-old Roddy MacMillan’s “High and Dry Backpack Stand” to 10-year-old’s Dexter Gubud’s “Robo Challenger: A Solar Powered Basketball Training Partner.” At the Faire this year they’re inviting you to stop by and try your hand at their Mousetrap Game and help build a Rube Goldberg machine!

The Cupcake Queen


12 year old Jenelle Whitten has always had a passion for cooking and for the past year has been mixing and making her own cupcakes! She has perfected 3 cupcakes that she now promotes and sells. Stop by to try a cupcake and learn more about an amazing young entrepreneur who is following her dreams.


Stay tuned for even more sneak peeks at our Makers of 2016!

Highlights from Dover Mini Maker Faire 2014

Thank you to the more than 1,500 participants in Dover Mini Maker Faire 2014! Our 2nd annual event featured more than 60 maker displays and showcases, plus 6 food vendors, microbrew tours and plenty of hands-on experiences for all. We greatly appreciate the hard work of the staff of the Children’s Museum of NH, who worked for months on planning and execution of the event, as well as our team of volunteers who helped the day run smoothly.

Here are some of our favorite images of Dover Mini Maker Faire 2014.

Storm troopers made friends of all ages

Storm troopers made friends of all ages

3-D chocolate extrusion by Port City Makerspace

3-D chocolate extrusion by Port City Makerspace

Star Wars chess set

Star Wars chess set

Our favorite little robot

Our favorite little robot

Rocket launches in the park

Rocket launches in the park

Even R2-D2 crashed the party!

Even R2-D2 crashed the party!

Quad-copter built by Don Norris

Quad-copter built by Don Norris

Ghostbusters making the scene with the mascots from Holy Rosary Credit Union

Ghostbusters making the scene with the mascots from Holy Rosary Credit Union

The graffiti car was a big hit

The graffiti car was a big hit

TOOOL back for a 2nd year to teach lockpicking

TOOOL back for a 2nd year to teach lockpicking

Human robots on parade

Human robots on parade

Young ROBLOX game designers

Young ROBLOX game designers

NEMO Equipment innovative outdoor gear

NEMO Equipment innovative outdoor gear

Nice robot arm!

Nice robot arm!

Darkhill Haunted House

Darkhill Haunted House

More Darkhill Haunted House technology

More Darkhill Haunted House technology

Driving the SeaPerch program's submersible ROVs was very popular

Driving the SeaPerch program’s submersible ROVs was very popular

Dover Shockwave robotics team represented the hometown well

Dover Shockwave robotics team represented the hometown

Great hands-on experiences for young makers

Great hands-on experiences offered by folks from the How-To Festival

3-D printing

3-D printing

Monster costumes

Monster costumes

New Heights stilt walkers meet CJ and Monty of Dover's Mounted Patrol

New Heights stilt walkers meet CJ and Monty of Dover’s Mounted Patrol