Week 7: Fabulous Makers of 2015

UNH Cooperative Extension: Science Literacy– Design, build and launch your own paper rocket using air pressure and watch it land in designated target zones! How long will yours stay up in the sky? UNH Cooperative Extension will also be promoting their annual 4-H Maker Challenge and are hoping to gain momentum for next year’s event.

blastfrompastA Blast from the Past- Come check out two vintage electronics with modern twists! Peter Adams and Nathan Kiesman, 13 and 14 years old, respectively, have restored vintage tech and brought it into the 21st century. Make phone calls on a Western-Bell phone that has been converted into a working cell phone! Or, play a song on a Rockola 477 vinyl jukebox, working again with the help of a Raspberry Pi!

lostwoodsLost Woods Turning Co.- Lost Woods Turning Co. are a two-man team making fine, handmade, woodworking, metal and leather products. They will be selling bowls, cutting boards, leather accessories and even some items with a more nerdy focus, like magic wands and vampire stakes. They will also be doing wood turning demos outside.

toolsTools of Times– Come by and view tools from the collection of the Woodman Museum in Dover that span two centuries. Try your hand at guessing what the tools are designed to do. Or, help create a 17th century board game!

NEMO Equipment, Inc.– NEMO is a Dover-based company founded on a commitment to adventure, to the fearless pursuit of uncharted paths. They believe meaningful adventures are possible for everyone, anywhere, if you bring the will, the imagination and the right gear. NEMO will be selling their award-winning outdoor equipment at Maker Faire in addition to displaying tents, sleeping bags and assorted camping gear for attendees to play with and explore.

googlecardboardAn Introduction to Virtual Reality – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit Paris, London, Tokyo or New York City? Using nothing but a smartphone and Google Cardboard, we can now visit all of these places and many others without ever getting on a plane in this immersive virtual reality experience. You can also try out a number of games, videos and other activities. Tour a museum, watch a movie, maybe even test drive a car! The possibilities are endless!

airrocketsCompressed Air Rockets – Come build your own rocket (that you can keep) and launch it as many times as you like in Henry Law Park! Using just a regular sheet of copy paper and humble masking tape, create a rocket that will fly hundreds of feet in the air. We’ll supply the materials to make the rocket, you supply the creativity to make the rocket your own. Experiment with different fin designs, different nose cones and find out what works the best and flies the highest. There is no charge for this activity, but small donations to cover the cost of materials is appreciated. Air Rocket Glider ARG kits and compressed air rocket launchers will be available for purchase as well.

Balloon Art – Come by this booth during Maker Faire and check out Terri Marsh’s balloon art! In addition to building unique balloon sculptures throughout the day, Marsh will be demonstrating how to create balloon art in a public, hands-on experience. You will even be able to take your balloon creation home with you!

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