So what can I see and experience at Dover Mini Maker Faire?

We’re ecstatic to share that more than 50 makers from around New England will be joining us for our very first Maker Faire in Dover! Our planning committee had a goal of 30 and we’ve blown that out of the water, thanks to the enthusiastic support of our local maker committee and grassroots promotion that has spread far and wide.

Check out the list of makers who will be joining us on August 24th, along with a quick preview of what they’ll be sharing with attendees.

Lunar Robot built by LunaCats team

Lunar Robot built by Luna Cats team

UNH Luna Catsdesign & build a Lunabot vehicle

ReVision Energy:  solar-powered water fountain demonstration

Open Org of Lockpickers – Southern ME chapter:  learn about locks, how to pick them and reuse them

Marissa Vitolo Glass/Ceramic Accessories:  create earrings, brooch, pendant, ring

UNH College of Engineering & Physical Sciences:  build a STEM compass


Screen print crab logo onto your tee

Port City Makerspace:  screen printing of Dover Mini Maker Faire logo

Art Lab for Kids:  make art using a recycled map

McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Centermake & launch paper rockets

Bike Part Art:  creative projects related to physics, engineering

Giants In The Woods – band that mixes traditional instruments with electronics like cell phones, tablets to create electronica music performance

Get MESY (Math, Engineering, Science & You, program by NHPTVhands on engineering challenges

Art by Emily Drouin

Art by Emily Drouin

Emily Drouin:  comic book art

JesterType:  open source Arduino-based human interface device that converts gestures into text

New England Model Engineering Society: learn about making working models of steam engines, gas engines, Stirling engines and more



Steampunkinetics:  display of Steampunk art & design

TDB Monsters:  making monsters w/recycled art

Air Rocket Glider:  building & launching rockets

Squirrelcat Designs:  face and body art including temporary glitter tatoos, plus knit items and painted horseshoes

Nathan Walker:  demonstrating how to make large-scale recycled metal art

GTR Kit Car

GTR Kit Car

GTR Kit Car:  Roe Cole will be displaying sports car custom-built from a kit

New Heights Stilt Troupedemo of stilt making and stilt walking

New Heights:  Makey Makey demo

Olde Englande Ironworks: Demonstration of traditional blacksmithing techniques


SeaPerch Tank

SeaPerch:  attendees can drive Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles in a 1000-gallon tank

Corky’s Projects:  variety of DIY tech projects

Tiny Little Room:  making hand-sewn creatures

Jean O. Hearn Fiber Creations:  felting demonstration

Mad Science of Southern NH & Northern MA:  Science Exploration Station

UNH Precision Racing Team

UNH Precision Racing Team

UNH Precision Racing Team: Look for the team with its car in the Big, Loud & High-Flying Zone!

Port City Makerspace:  demonstrating a variety of projects

Cris & Company:  making hand-crafted gifts, some with recycled materials

Iron Pour:  melting cast iron into molds – make a resin mold

TRACIMOC comic art

TRACIMOC comic art

TRACIMOC:  transforms comic books into wearable art, will have DIY station to make pin/keychain/zipper pull

Michael Lang:  30-minute workshop on how to tell a story; the art of storytelling

Anabean Designs:  childrens/infants tutu’s & dresses

One Story Houses:  doll houses and miniatures

3-D Printing Demo:  demo of Maker-bot THING-O-MATIC 3-D printer

Hottie Biscotti Bakerygluten-free & vegan baked goods

RepRap Prusa 3D Printer:  demo of open source 3D printer

TribeyHybridTRIBEY:  bicycle/snowboard electrically powered hybrid demo

Paint for Fun:  kids can make plaster art

Raspberry Pi Projects for Evil Genius:  robot car and radon detector controlled by Raspberry Pi

Lone Oak of Rochester:  ice cream making demo & samples

Ikibuku Hooping Co:  make a hula hoop

Pam Tyson:  demo of making quilted art

PolyRecoveryPicPoly Recovery:  sustainable plastic recycling demo

Assistive Technology:  iPad solutions made with corrugated plastic & Loc-Line, demo of mini McGyver tape kits

Discovery Toys:  demo of learning toys and sets

Steven Abbadessademo of Wood Gassification process, taking wood chips and converting them to synthetic fuel gas, same as used in Victorian days

UNH Interoperability Labs: learn how to control lights using simple programming

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  1. The “The” in “The Open Organization Of Lockpickers” is part of the name, hence “TOOOL”

  2. Reblogged this on Twins And Then… and commented:
    This is a great NH event. I will be there, teaching people to pick locks with TOOOL PWM

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